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Residential Video Surveillance

Visible video cameras outside your home is a great first step in any home security system. Would-be thieves and intruders are reluctant to commit a crime knowing there will be video evidence! Cameras inside your home, also have their purpose.

Metis Communications will help you plan your residential video surveillance system, install it, and provide training on how it works.


Commercial Property Surveillance

Commercial and industrial facilities are often subject to vandalism and break-ins. Video surveillance is a known deterrent, whether live or recorded. By touring your building or complex, we can make recommendations for camera locations and other equipment needed to create a comprehensive video security system.

We will install the system, train your security personnel on its use, and provide any maintenance or repair services needed down the road.


Temporary Security Cameras

Construction sites, camps, and similar temporary work sites, may present challenges in setting up video surveillance. We have a solution! We rent and install portable towers, remote controlled cameras, monitors, and recorders. And, we’ll take it all away again, when your project is finished.    


Dash Cameras

Whether you’re managing a fleet or commuting to work every day, a dash camera can be an invaluable tool. Dash-cams can also be combined with other telemetric recording tools, creating a “black-box” for your vehicle.

Metis Communications is proud to work with the team at RoadScan Canada to plan, install, and maintain the system you need to always have proof of what really happened.

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